An Uncouth Conductor?

The following extract is taken from the book “REDCOAT” and appears on page 286 in a chapter which includes details of duelling. The author, Professor Richard Holmes, has very kindly given permission for it to be reprinted on the Conductors Web Page.

In February 1760 there were two fights in Bombay, the first when Commissary Chandler fell out with Conductor Vaus (a senior storekeeper, not strictly speaking a gentleman) over the usual ‘disagreeable words’. Chandler hustled things on by waylaying Vaus when he emerged from a sale:

‘He demanded satisfaction and desired Vaus immediately to draw, on which they both drew, made some pushes at each other (but before anybody came up to part them, though in the middle of the day and on open green) Chandler gave Vaus a wound in his right breast which was so deep that it pierced his lungs’.

Chandler fled to join the Mahrattas, and James Wood who tells us the story, left Vaus ‘in hopes of his recovery’.

(Note: The second fight does not concern this web page).

This extract was submitted by Dennis Bradley, who obtained permission for publication from the author.

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