A note about my Father: 15000524 Conductor Charles Henry Train R.A.O.C

As far back as I can remember my father was the conductor at the large RAOC Depot at Harbanspura which is now in Pakistan close to Lahore. Harbanspura is on the main railway line between Lahore in Pakistan and Amritsar in India. I believe that some of the old British Army warehousing though now disused, still exists there today. Photo of me age of four at dawn and still in my pyjamas and dressing gown, outside our married quarter at Harbanspura is on our web site in the “pictures/ my mother Lydia’s album”.

We came to England on the then troopship ex White Star ship “Georgic” after she had been refitted from being heavily bombed by the Germans in Egypt. During the late 1950’s my father was medically discharged from the army but after a successful operation at Hull Royal Infirmary, he was able to rejoin the RAOC and completed his service with them as an RQMS at Selby in the early 1960’s. I sometimes used to visit him there whilst servicing as an Army Apprentice at Harrogate. These visits often turned out to be more like a visit to a Boot Camp, for father would more often then not turn them into extra military training for his boy soldier son. The Army was purely and simply my father’s life, upon retiring from the forces he really never ever adapted to civilian life nor to life as a family man.

Re the material on Army Conductors: I just cleared out my loft and found my father’s MFO roll with his rank and army number stamped on it. I knew my father was a W.O.1 for all of my childhood so I wanted to find out why he was then ranked as a Conductor. Hence my research on the internet was largely taken from Canada’s RAOC web site. That is how I came across your web site.

Charles Train

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